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Seeds of something different Weekly series

Hosted by Irene Reti,
Cameron Vanderscoff,
Sarah Rabkin WITH guest speakers

6 part weekly online series focused on a different era of this forward thinking university, exploring the book, Seeds of Something Different, An Oral History of the University of California at Santa Cruz. Open to public, students, alumni, educators, parents. FREE. 

A History of Creativity and Change: Six Sessions

A Pioneering Era and The Rising Counterculture (1960s)

Guest Commentators: Frank Zwart and Ed Landesman

The Changing City on a Hill (1970s)

Guest Commentator: J. Herman Blake

Rocks Ahead: Reorganization of the College System (1980s)

Guest Commentators: Bill Domhoff and George Blumenthal

Open the Door: Finding a Place on "A Very White Campus" (1990s)

Guest Commentators: Bettina Aptheker and Rosie Cabrera

A Research University with Experimental Roots (2000-2010)

Guest Commentators: Murray Baumgarten and Gary Griggs

"For Times We Can't Imagine" (2010-2020)

Guest Commentators: Jim Clifford, Donna Haraway, Nirupama Chandrasekhar, Stephen Yogi

Oral History & MEDIA


“A Closer look at the book “Seeds of Something Different” and the feat of creating a public university in the 60’s that can last.”

Cameron Vanderscoff talks with KTRC HOST Richard Eeds |
Host, Richard Eeds Radio Show, Santa Fe 
1260 KTRC Talk Radio  April 7, 2020 

San Francisco Chronicle: DatebooK COVER

How Ansel Adams saw UC Santa Cruz

Wednesday, June 10, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle

By Sam Whitling

Feature article and image focused on the two volume book set, “Seeds of Something Different”, and the works of Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams, was the Campus Photographer when the young campus of UC Santa Cruz was just forming.  “Already one of the most famous photographers in the world, Adams had come to Santa Cruz on assignment…” Ansel Adams photographs grace the book cover and throughout the book collection, telling the story through visual imagery of this beautiful meadow and redwood tree campus with majestic views of the Pacific Ocean. The book –with Ansel Adams images and other gifted photographers–tells the story of how the founders focused on creating a campus to honor this legacy of nature and beauty.